The Golden Bear Society - Creating your Legacy

Cal Maritime has been a part of your life, and can also be a part of your legacy.

The Golden Bear Society honors those who choose to express their commitment to maritime education and provide for California Maritime Academy in their estate plans. Alumni and friends like you who have remembered Cal Maritime with a bequest or estate gift of $25,000 or more are invited to become a member of the Society.

Many estate planning options are available to Golden Bear Society Members and some may even provide you with income and other tax advantages. Your estate gift can be designated to the area of your choosing. Whether this means establishing an endowment for academic resources or providing scholarships for deserving cadets, your legacy gift ensures a successful future for Cal Maritime and its cadets.

Golden Bear Society Members

Captain and Mrs. Jerry A. Aspland ('62)

Mr. and Mrs. John Atwood

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Behm ('42)

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Bradfield ('67)

Mr. James W. Bryant ('56)

Captain and Mrs. John W. Cade, Sr. ('54)

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Christofferson

Mr. Walter R. Cochran ('50) and Mrs. Ann Cochran

Mr. Eric S. Cooper ('05)

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Creech, Jr. ('54)

Captain and Mrs. James L. Dafoe, USN (Ret.) ('58)
Mr. James C. Dalske ('02)

Mrs. Olive R. Drahos

Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan ('63)

Captain and Mrs. Miklos Endrody ('61)

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Esteves
Mr. Bob Exner ('63)

Mr. William H. Ezell ('46)

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Fisher ('62)

Mr. Brian H. Goldman ('95)

Mrs. Giuliana Gorlei-Pittsey

Mr. Lowell M. Gorman ('61)

Mr. Dean M. Gridley ('70)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hill ('55)

Mrs. Eve Holmgren and Mr. Richard Holmgren ('47)

Mrs. Dorothy C. Holmstrom

Captain and Mrs. Harold D. Huycke, Jr. ('44)

Mrs. Adele Ingraham

Mrs. Sue Johnston and Captain Bruce Johnston, USN ('48)

Mrs. Lynnet Keihl and Mr. Anton Keihl ('62)

Mrs. Myrna A. Kingsbury
Mrs. Anita Larson and Mr. Dale Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lytle, Esq. ('56)

Mr. Terrance Mancilla

Margaret Martin Trust

Captain Robert W. McAllister ('42)

Captain and Mrs. James M. Morgan ('76)

Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Mrla, Jr. ('92)

Estate of Ralph R. Peachman
Mrs. Giuliana Gorlei-Pittsey and Captain Tony E. Pittsey USNR (Ret.) ('61)

Captain John C. Porter ('65)

Billy Prior

RADM Joseph P. Rizza

Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Roberts ('95)

Captain and Mrs. Harold G. Robinson ('62)

Captain Herbert P. Rosen ('50)

Captain and Mrs. Michael R. Rubino ('76)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Semans ('55)

Captain William E. Strain, USN (Ret.) ('50)

Captain Ralph M. Swany ('33)
Captain Larry Teague ('63)

Captain Gregory G. Turner ('72)

Captain Oliver F. Williams ('54)

*Italics indicate deceased.

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